Restaurant System

OCRestaurant System is developed in the purpose of providing excellence in restaurant operation and management. It will bring you efficiency in sale operation, food order, food menu, inventory management, cash management, staff management and decision making.

Key Benefit

  1. Well secured SQL Server Robust System
  2. Multi-users with high level security and privilege
  3. Offer fast sale transaction or customer service
  4. Track and manage inventory efficiently 
  5. Offer reliable security features
  6. Efficiently and easily to manage information or document of Items, Menus, Set Menu, staffs etc.
  7. Track customer history and build customer loyalty
  8. Efficiently and easy create and track your cash report information
  9. Provide useful and easy customizable reports to show and analyze your information such products, staff, sale-receive transaction, store performance, etc.
  10. Integrate your information with spreadsheet software(Excel)
  11. Support your business environment with fast and smart decision making
  12. Enhance your business performance and productivity

Menu Management

The team can create and save different menus according to the requirement of the restaurant and the new menu can be easily selected upon starting a new session. In addition, if the establishment is operating more than one restaurant outlet, the session can be preset accordingly and the session will automatically switch as per the settings.

Cash Management

  1. Check Account Balances
  2. View Current Transactions
  3. View the front and back of current checks and deposit slips
  4. Verify deposits and withdrawals
  5. View prior Months income Statements
  6. Place Stop Payments
  7. Initiate Electronic Bill Payments (Bill Pay)
  8. Submit ACH Direct Deposit Payroll
  9. Submit ACH Debits (Automated Clearing House)
  10. Submit Federal Tax Payments

Inventory Management

The robust inventory and stock management module allows real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients which reduces or eliminates waste, theft and discrepancies in stock. Further simplifying the stock management, the module tracks manufacturing and intermediate items and applies stock rates according to last purchased, average or weighted average cost.

Sales Management

OCSystem provides full sales order management through its Sales module, which delivers complete functionality for Sales Invoicing and Sales Management. In addition, there are options to deliver profiling specifically for customers, and advanced pricing. The solution ensures that organizations can streamline the sales, order and distribution operations, in order to deliver high levels of customer service.

Table Management

Easy and quick table reservation with easy to understand dine in view of all the tables and their current status. Queue management highlights the tables which are being waited on and transactions which are in process.

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