HR & Payroll System

OCPRSystem is the first payroll system in Cambodia that suitable for using with all size of companies such as: Small, Medium and Enterprise especially for manufacturing. It has ability to store and calculate with unlimited numbers of employees/workers.

Key Benefit

  1. Well secured SQL Server Based Robust System.
  2. Multi Database structure that enable you to create reality & fake for tax declaration.
  3. Multi-Users with High Level Security and Privilege.
  4. Powerful and possible all Search criteria both on forms and reports. 
  5. Keep track of all employee current and past history information.
  6. Section wise office timing provision. 
  7. Actual OT, Holiday & Night & Holiday Present allowance payment system. 
  8. Unquestionable Compliance Attendance and OT documents. 
  9. Support ID BARCODE CARD, Finger print and others SAC.
  10. Barcode ID Card printing facility with photo. 
  11. Staff advance and can be adjustable with monthly Salary.
  12. Company Calendar to record and maintain holiday, weekend and working day. 
  13. Store real attendance and reality compliance attendance. 
  14. Style & Buyer Information.
  15. Style and portion wise Rate sheet. 
  16. Daily & Monthly production entry and checking facility. 
  17. Employee In/Out Declaration report generation. 
  18. Automatic Salary generation (Production based & Fixed based).
  19. Automatic Tax Calculation. Integrated with NSSF System.
  20. Real application with automatic compliance document generation. 
  21. Very large reporting system to meet all requirements. 
  22. Automatic appointment letter generation.

Payment to The People

Processing payroll in-house offers tighter control, better access to information, and safer compliance than outsourced payroll.

Time and Attendance

Really. Our time and attendance management solutions integrate seamlessly with OCPayroll to automate timekeeping and scheduling tasks.

Tackle Employee Benefits

Is employee benefits management too tedious and paper-intensive? With OCPayroll Employee Benefits Management solution, you can automate and streamline processes.


Payroll has evolved to become a strategic partner in today's companies. OCPayroll Decision Support solution delivers the tools to support better decision making.

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