Our services

Inkjet cartridge refilling
Toner cartridge / drum unit remanufacturing
Sales of remanufactured cartridges & DIY refill kits.
Buy-in used original cartridge and laser printer.
About Our Services
Aside from walk-in, we also provide collection/delivery services. You can expect to receive your cartridge(s) within a few hours after we collect it from your doorstep, for high quantities, an appointment at later date will be fixed for delivery. If you are not available during office hour for the collection/delivery, appointments can also be arranged for after office hours including weekends.
Through our refill & remanufacturing, toner cartridges are not only refilled but worned parts are also replaced. After refilling, we will get you to test the cartridge(s) on your prior to collecting payment.
If you would like to refill your cartridges yourself, bottled ink/toner are also available, aside from no delivery charges, you get discounts up to $....... on each bottled ink/toner when you self collect.
Our warranty period is as follows
  • 14 days for each inkjet cartridges refilled by us.
  • 1 year warranty for each toner cartridge/drum unit remanufactured by us.
In the event where a refilled/remanufactured cartridge is faulty, we will either rectify or provide a one to one exchange with the faulty cartridge. Warranty does not apply to DIY refilled cartridges.